list of tv channels in ethiopia 2021

 list of tv channels in ethiopia 2021

list of tv channels in ethiopia 2021

Government-owned television stations

Stations Category Language
ETV General, news Amharic
OBN General, news Afaan Oromo
Amhara TV General, news Amharic
Addis TV HD General, news AmharicAfaan Oromooenglish
Tigray TV General, news Tigrigna
Harar TV General, news HarariAfaan Oromoo
SRTV General, news Somali
Debub TV General, news Amharic
Dire TV General, news AmharicAfaan OromooSomali language
OBN 27 General, news Amharic
Gambela TV General, news Amharic

Digital cable services

Provider Category Language
DStv (South Africa) General Amharic, English
Webspirx IPTV (Ethiopia) General Amharic
CANAL+ (France) General Amharic, English

Privately owned TV stations

Station Category Language
Kana TV General Entertainment Amharic
Nabad TV News, Entertainment Somali
LTV Ethiopia Culture Amharic
EBS TV News and Entertainment Amharic
ENN TV News Amharic
JTV Ethiopia News and Entertainment Amharic
Nahoo TV News and entertainment Amharic
Walta TV News Amharic
Fana TV News Amharic
Aleph TV General entertainment Amharic
Afrihealth TV Health Amharic


DW TV General


Bisrat TV General entertainment Amharic
Asham TV News, entertainment Amharic
AHADU TV News entertainment Amharic
Asrat HD General


Arki TV News Entertainment Amharic
ESAT General news Amharic
Balageru TV General Entertainment Amharic
ABN TV News, entertainment Amharic
Ye Ethiopia Lijoch TV Children’s channel Amharic
TV 9 Ethio News Entertainment Amharic
SMN-ETH General News Sidamian
TMH TV General News Tigrigna
OBS TV General entertainment Afaan Oromoo
OMN News Entertainment Afaan Oromoo
FIB News Entertainment Afaan Oromoo
ONN Politics Afaan Oromoo
TV ETHIOPIA HD Entertainment Amharic
Channel 29 News and entertainment Tigrigna
Zee Alem Indian entertainment Amharic
Station Category Language
Africa TV 1 Islam AmharicAfaan OromoTigrigna
Zawya TV Islam Amharic
Nuuralhudaa TV Islam Afaan Oromo
Nesiha TV HD Islam AmharicTigrignaAfarSomaliSilteGuragignaHadiyaAfaan OromoWeleneKebenna
Hamiltan TV Islam Afaan Oromo
As-Sunnah TV Islam AmharicHarariSilte
tvislaamaa Islam Afaan OromoAmharicTigrignaEnglish
Harima Tv Islam Amharic
BST (Bilal Satellite Television) Islam Amharic
Minber TV Islam AmharicAfaan OromoAfarSomali
EOTC TV Ethiopian Orthodox AmharicAfaan OromooTigrigna
EOTC MK Ethiopian Orthodox AmharicAfaan OromooTigrigna
Christ Army TV Protestant Amharic
Bethel TV Protestant Amharic
Vision TV Protestant Amharic
Holy TV Protestant Amharic
CJ TV Protestant Amharic
Jesus TV Protestant Amharic
El Shaddai Television Network (ETN HD) Protestant Amharic
Presence TV Protestant Amharic
Elhori TV Protestant Amharic
Elohi TV Protestant Amharic
MO’A TV HD Protestant Afaan Oromo
Arara TV Protestant Afaan Oromo
GMM TV ethiopia Protestant Amharic
Anointing TV Protestant Amharic
Aleph TV Ethiopian Orthodox Amharic
Christ Mission Protestant Amharic
Holy Sprit TV Protestant Amharic
Marcil TV Protestant Amharic
Evangelical TV HD Protestant Amharic
Glory TV ETH Protestant Amharic
Fover TV Protestant Amharic
WW TV Protestant Amharic
7 Spirit TV Protestant Amharic
Rehobot TV HD Protestant Amharic

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