cine film farsi Today schedule

 Today We Share With You cine film Farsi Today schedule with Farsi Time Cine film Farsi is the best Hollywood movie channel here you can watch latest released Hollywood movies in HD quality its a free to air channel available on Eutelsat 7b satellite.

cine film Farsi Today schedule

cine film farsi Today schedule

Movie Name Movie Time Movie repeat Time
Mr.Nobody (2009) 13:00 PM (GMT+4:30) Time in Iran 01:00 (GMT+4:30) Time in Iran
Nezha Reborn (2021) 16:00 PM (GMT+4:30) Time in Iran 08:45 (GMT+4:30) Time in Iran
Saraband (2003) 18:15 PM (GMT+4:30) Time in Iran 04:00 (GMT+4:30) Time in Iran
Body Of Lies (2008) 20:30 PM (GMT+4:30) Time in Iran 06:15 (GMT+4:30) Time in Iran
The Dark And The Wicked (2020) 23:00 PM (GMT+4:30) Time in Iran 11:00 (GMT+4:30) Time in Iran

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